Sponsor a Node for mtr.tools

Why Sponsor a Node?

  • Unique Geographic Locations: By offering nodes in your distinct geographic locations, you enhance our tool's ability to diagnose regionalized network issues, including problems with reachability, high latency, or packet loss.
  • Improved Network Diagnostics: Your contribution enables more nuanced diagnostics, providing network professionals with invaluable insights into whether issues are regional or global.
  • Enhanced Reputation in Networking: By providing us a node, you gain public recognition and credibility in the network engineering space, elevating your brand and establishing yourself as a proactive contributor.
  • Flexibility in Contribution: Whether you provide multiple locations or just one, your contribution is invaluable in enhancing the tool's capabilities and reach.
  • Increased Network Resilience: Strengthen the overall health of the network, benefitting from more comprehensive and reliable data for everyone, including yourself.

Node Requirements:

Processor: 1 core

RAM: 512 MB

Storage: 10 GB

Operating System: Debian 11

IPv4 connectivity: Can be via NAT or static IP

IPv6 connectivity: Preferred but is optional

Root access: Preferred but is optional

Packages installed: mtr-tiny, iputils-ping, dnsutils and traceroute (We can do this ourselves if we have root)

BGP Feed: This is optional but if available it can be setup against AS52025


ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAICEvXkRMSfriefxlBrre3qvtZCoXDVei6tU5UMLjmAmy admin@mtr
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAINo05QpMYlKQprXY9/mNwe2LZP9O13aUY7A9kq0CL0NM mtrtools@mtr

Legal Requirements:

  • Sponsoring entity must not be on the UK's sanctions list
  • Resource must be legal to use in the UK

Would you like to sponsor a node? Drop us an email at [email protected] to kickstart the process

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